Summer in Leyte Island

It was March of this year when my aunt who’s been living in the states, came back home. After 18 years, she’s finally back home, but only just for 3 weeks. And because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we did many things for her homecoming, and one of it, was going back to Leyte, our HOMETOWN.

It was actually 3 months after the biggest typhoon hit the island so we were scared whether it would be possible for us to go there by ship. But luckily, we were able to travel and we arrived safely to the island. It was nostalgic. I was satisfied. The ruins of the typhoon surprised us: roofless houses, damaged roads, but business was back to usual. My hometown was not severely affected by the typhoon but the electricity supply was still cut. We stayed in the island powerless for a week. But we still enjoyed it. 🙂

It was also a reunion party for us and especially for my mother, aunts and grandparents. They have not been together for 18 years. I was very happy when I saw them reunited.

My mother with her sisters and parents.
My mother with her sisters and parents.

We stayed in the island for a week. We didn’t have electricity and we need to fetch water from the opposite area. But we were able to have fun though the nights were sleepless.


This place has been the same for 2 decades and more.
This place has been the same for 2 decades and more.

And for a week, I enjoyed the sunrise and sunset right before my eyes.

The Sunset



One of the best thing during the vacation was our visit to the beach. It’s an isolated place but pristine. And below is a picture of the road towards the beach. It’s kind of creepy.

The Road towards Isolation


1982180_684656554931959_1136666423_n (1)



I posed with the horizon behind me.
I posed with the horizon behind me.

We enjoyed the 1 week stay in the island, with no electricity, choppy phone signals and far fetched water supply. We were reunited with our relatives and I met my mother’s relatives as well. It feels good knowing you have many blood relatives.

Me, my mother and my baby sister went home earlier than the schedule because the baby got sick. The vacation didn’t end that good though but it was worthy. 🙂

I hope to visit the place again.




The Medallion

It has been a month since I blogged about something and on this 4th of July, I finally got something to write about.
I have been collecting different coins from different countries. But, I have never been to another country. Let me say, these coins will lead me to the countries I would visit in the future.
Then, one day, I got a medallion from my grandfather.Well, it actually looks like a coin so I asked for it. He gave it to me as a an exchange for something. 🙂 Well, I actually begged the medallion from him.

So here’s some pictures of the medallion.

the front view of the medallion


As you can see in this picture, which is the front view, there is something written at the upper part. It says Asiatic Pacific Campaign. I think the trees behind the 2 soldiers are palm trees or coconut trees.


the back view

And this is the back view. There is a picture of an eagle and the year written is from 1941 to 1945 (during the world war II).

So, this is the medallion I got from my grandfather. He actually kept it for several years since he found it in Leyte, Philippines (where the world war last ended).  I’m actually curious what this medallion is for. I was thinking of using it as a pendant but I think it would show disrespect to anybody I don’t know.

Do you have any information about this medallion? 🙂

I would be showing my other coins in my next blog. Thanks for reading and enjoy LIFE!!!