The Fault in My Stars

I had the chance to read this famous book since it was adapted as a movie. I haven’t seen the movie though. I thought reading the book first would be best. But, furthermore, I am still not planning to watch the movie because it might ruin my imagination of the characters. 

First and foremost, this book is really ME. 

“I fear oblivion. I know the earth is going to swallow us. And all our labor will turn to dust. And there will always be that day. That day when I will just be totally, FORGOTTEN”

Why am I thinking of these things when I am not suffering from any fatal illnesses unlike the characters in the book? I am just completely paranoid over the future. I worry too much about everything but not doing much effort in the present. I am doomed, literally doomed. 

When I read the book, the first few pages already sent some signals into my brain telling me that “this is not a romantic story.” It’s all about life. It’s all about ending. It’s all about oblivion. But what matters most is not bequeathing a legacy to many people but to the people who you care most.

Why worry about being forgotten by many people?It will happen anyway. It hurts to think that we will just be all victims of this universe. That’s right. We want the universe to see us, to know us, to give attention to us, when there are too many people in this world. There are too many people that the universe may not even know ME. 

I do have a lot of questions in mind but who am I to question the infinite? 

Who am I to question the universe?

My point is, no matter what I do in this physical world, I will be forgotten. But, for a few years, I want people to remember my name, that I was once a part in this world, in this place. 



Sunset in Boracay Island


Whenever I think of Boracay Island, the sunset immediately comes into my mind. I have always wanted to witness a very beautiful sunset and Boracay Island has fulfilled my desire.

2 years ago, I visited the world renowned tourist destination together with my friends. Although we only stayed for 2 days and 1 night, I was quite satisfied because I witnessed a magnificent sunset. So me and my friends, took out time in taking pictures of the sunset. The sunset in Boracay has always been a much awaited view and many people really prepare their cameras to capture this beautiful sight.

And here are my pictures of the sunsets in Boracay Island.

just my silhouette in front of the sunset just my silhouette in front of the sunset

few more minutes before the sunset, me and my friends wait and write our names on the sand few more minutes before the sunset, me and my friends wait and write our names on the sand

Boracay sunset

A mix of orange and yellow colors, I'm loving it A mix of orange and yellow colors, I’m loving it

playing with the settings in the camera, putting some vignette in the picture playing with the settings in the camera, putting some vignette in the picture

and the sun is slowly embracing the horizon and the sun…

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Theory of Evolution according to ANONYMOUS

The story of evolution started from the penguins. Wondering why? Let’s just think it started from these cute creatures.
One day, thousands of penguins were standing on an iced land, looking at their reflection from the waters. Not a single one of them thought of jumping into the water because it’s not the world they’ve been accustomed to. In their minds “It’s too scary to be there. I would not risk myself.” For them, staying on the ground is enough and they don’t mind what’s out there in the water.
But, one day, an anonymous penguin carelessly jumped into the waters and the rest of the penguins were all shocked. They waited for few hours to make sure whether he was alive or dead. Then the courageous penguin showed his face back into the air. And when he did, bringing with him a big fish between its beak,they were full of joy and excitement that they started to jump into the new world. By that time, they experienced another world which was way beyond what they could imagine.
And right at that very moment, evolution started. The evolution of mind.

This is a story I have heard from a friend and sounded like from the “Happy Feet” cartoon. It is inspiring and uplifting.
In order for change to happen, someone must start it first and be the pioneer. That person doesn’t have to be strong nor smart. He or she only needs to believe in his or her ability-to survive. Like what the books say, “Be the change you want to witness in the world.Believe that you can do it.”

The world is waiting for you to take the first step. Are you willing to take it?


Perseid Meteor Shower 2014



It was a spectacular view. Right before my naked eye, I’ve witnessed around 30 meteors. It was 2 years ago in December.The name of this meteor shower is Geminid meteor shower. So, I did a research about meteor showers to know whether I can see them every year. And yes! I found out that in a year, there are 2 visible active meteor showers in my location. The first is Perseid Meteor Shower which is from August 11-13 and Geminid Meteor Shower which is from December 13-14. There are more to these meteor showers but these 2 have the most meteors and you can see them with your naked eye. But, how can you really witness these meteors clearly?

These are the things to do:

1. These Meteor showers peak before dawn so you have to be positioned in a dark place.

2. The moon should not be bright by that time so that it won’t hamper the meteors’ light.

3. Stay on the ground where you can lay your blanket or the roof would do.

4. You have to be fully awake and alert if you want to spot the meteors.

5. If you have a telescope, it would give a very clear view but in a limited area. Your naked eye would be best because you can see the whole sky.

6. These meteors don’t fall together. They fall every after each other so you have to be patient.

7. Lastly, according to superstitions, meteor showers or falling stars make your wish come true. So, try to wish. It wouldn’t hurt trying.

I hope you will have the chance to see these falling stars. I am too excited to see them but unfortunately, a super moon will occur on August 11 so it would not be possible seeing them on this date. Better luck the next day.

For more information about the Perseid Meteor Shower, click here.

“Being Exposed to Computers” spot


Are you a computer freak? How much time do you spend using the computer?
There is actually a spot which can help you determine the people who use computer a lot. I didn’t recognize it at first but It started to become larger that it bothered me.
The time it became bigger, I began thinking about the time I spent in front of the computer. And then, I realized, I wasted several hours of my life to insignificant things.
Well, atleast I still have the chance to change a bad habit.

Have you seen this spot? Don’t ignore small signs. They reflect you and your lifestyle.