Cebu Trick Art Museum

It was one sunny fine day when me and my friends decided to visit a museum. It’s not a historical museum though but a trick art museum. I personally enjoy art but I am not knowledgeable enough with the different artists. We enjoyed taking pictures in the museum. There were like 40 paintings and we took pictures with everything. It was fun and interesting. The paintings were painted in 3D so it looked like we were part of the paintings itself.

Here are the pictures we had.

I wanna dance with a ballerina and be a ballerina myself.
I wanna dance with a ballerina and be a ballerina myself.
The mirror. But the clock seems wrong.:)
We are butterflies! I would love to have butterfly wings and travel the world.
Say Cheese! Would it be nice to have a polar bear camera man?
The motorbike ride! Always be careful when driving.:)
So the legend is real. There are unicorns!
Yes! We are stealing money from a rich man’s vault.
Oh my God! We are gonna be swallowed alive here.
Hey there Kingkong. I never thought you would fall in love with a human.
Bulls eye! That’s what you call shooting!
Angels are for real. I am your guardian angel.
I can’t swim but I would love to be close with these creatures.
We carry the world on our shoulders. It’s quite heavy with billions of people on it.
This is traditional plowing. It’s definitely hard work.
A snake behind me.
It’s great honor to have a class with Einstein.
Your eyes are tricking you.
I’m trapped in a bubble!
Our public transportation! Jeepney!
Run for your lives!
These smart creatures surely know how to take pictures with cellphones.

We had plenty of pictures but I will just have to post only some. I love to go to museums and any museums would be interesting for me. Would you pay this museum a visit?

It is located in Jcenter mall, Mandaue City Cebu. It cost around 400 per person including the 4D ride which is not in the picture. I don’t know really but the 4D ride was not my piece of cake.

~Have a sip of life. TEAPOT


Summer in Leyte Island

It was March of this year when my aunt who’s been living in the states, came back home. After 18 years, she’s finally back home, but only just for 3 weeks. And because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we did many things for her homecoming, and one of it, was going back to Leyte, our HOMETOWN.

It was actually 3 months after the biggest typhoon hit the island so we were scared whether it would be possible for us to go there by ship. But luckily, we were able to travel and we arrived safely to the island. It was nostalgic. I was satisfied. The ruins of the typhoon surprised us: roofless houses, damaged roads, but business was back to usual. My hometown was not severely affected by the typhoon but the electricity supply was still cut. We stayed in the island powerless for a week. But we still enjoyed it. 🙂

It was also a reunion party for us and especially for my mother, aunts and grandparents. They have not been together for 18 years. I was very happy when I saw them reunited.

My mother with her sisters and parents.
My mother with her sisters and parents.

We stayed in the island for a week. We didn’t have electricity and we need to fetch water from the opposite area. But we were able to have fun though the nights were sleepless.


This place has been the same for 2 decades and more.
This place has been the same for 2 decades and more.

And for a week, I enjoyed the sunrise and sunset right before my eyes.

The Sunset



One of the best thing during the vacation was our visit to the beach. It’s an isolated place but pristine. And below is a picture of the road towards the beach. It’s kind of creepy.

The Road towards Isolation


1982180_684656554931959_1136666423_n (1)



I posed with the horizon behind me.
I posed with the horizon behind me.

We enjoyed the 1 week stay in the island, with no electricity, choppy phone signals and far fetched water supply. We were reunited with our relatives and I met my mother’s relatives as well. It feels good knowing you have many blood relatives.

Me, my mother and my baby sister went home earlier than the schedule because the baby got sick. The vacation didn’t end that good though but it was worthy. 🙂

I hope to visit the place again.



The Dancing Inmates of CPDRC

Have you ever heard of the name “the Dancing Inmates”? They are the renowned dancers from Cebu City,Philippines. They became famous since they’ve uploaded a video on youtube where they were dancing to the music of Michael Jackson’s thriller. It became a hit and since then, their performances are being watched by people from all over the world. They became a world sensation. And until now, they continue dancing and people still keep watching and enjoying their performances.

From the time we heard about these dancers, we really wanted to see them personally. These dancing inmates dance in CPDRC (Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center). They are scheduled to perform every last Saturday of the month. It is free to watch their performance but it is not that easy to go to CPDRC. Since it is on the top of the mountain, transportation is a hassle so the government of Cebu offers free bus ride from the Cebu Capitol going to CPDRC. But you have to call for a reservation. The performance starts in the afternoon which is very hot so you’d better bring shades and fans. It would last for about an hour. And it would surely be very fun to watch.


Me and my friends sat very close to the dancers so we could see their faces clearly. And we were quite surprised that most of them were at their 20’s. Then I wondered, “What could have they done wrong?” But I paused and thought, “I better quit thinking and just enjoy the show.”

Here’s my pictures of the performance:

the performance began with the raising of different country flags
the performance began with the raising of different country flags
dancing inmates
the continuation of the flag raising
inmates in black t-shirts are the star dancers. They are quite good at dancing
inmates in black t-shirts are the star dancers. They are quite good at dancing
with the rest of the dancers
with the rest of the dancers
with their wigs as props
with their wigs as props and pictures of influential people
in black and white
in black and white
they wear same shoes
they wear same shoes

At the end, we danced with them and they were very cool showing us some dance steps we could follow.

The performance ended with a blast. They danced Michael Jackson’s song “They don’t care about us”. It is a very powerful and meaningful song which is about criticism and racism. I can really say, ‘Hats off’ to these guys who changed my views on prisoners. Even if they are behind bars, they deserve second chances but it also depends on them, showing they deserve those second chances.

If you wish to watch the performance, book ahead and you may call these numbers:

(0063 International access) (032 local area code) 2539613/2541882

And they will publish their schedule on Freeman newspaper once they will have upcoming performances.







Biking On the Weekend

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” 
― Marthe Troly-CurtinPhrynette Married

We would always want to have fun and enjoy life. Me and my friends would always want to hang out and try something new. So when one Saturday came, we decided to go biking, run a marathon and go swimming. It was like a triathlon event but the difference was, we did it with friends and it was purely for fun.

We rented some bikes and started biking until we met the end of our route where we went swimming. It was very exhausting yet it was a time we enjoyed wasting.

we posed for a while
we posed for a while
the nipa hut
this is the end of the route. A single nipa hut is looking at the horizon
we parked our bikes...and this bike's parked alone
we parked our bikes…and this bike’s parked alone
they are curious of what's beyond that cliff
they are curious of what’s beyond that cliff
they just can't get enough of it
they just can’t get enough of it
then we went swimming
then we went swimming
after all the fun, we posed with our bikes for the last time
after all the fun, we posed with our bikes for the last time


It was a very fun time spent with friends. It would be more fun doing it again another time.