Promise Yourself Only the Best

Promise yourself to dream more and hesitate less.

To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others.

To appreciate your family and friends for the wonderful ways they make your life better.

Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special.

To become more independent and more willing to change.

To fill your life with special times,

and make your dreams come true.

– Deanne Beisser


Carry With You These Gifts of the Heart

Trust…that whatever happens, there is someone who will understand.

Honesty…the feeling that you never need to hold back.

Peace…in being accepted for who you really are.

Beauty…in outlook more than appearance.

Freedom…to be yourself, to change and to grow.

Joy…in everyday, in every memory and in your hopes for the future.

Love…to last a lifetime, and perhaps beyond. -D.L Riepl


Keep Shining Despite the Odds

I am never fond of taking pictures of the sunshine until one day I learned something inspiring from someone (read my blog about it here).
This photo was taken outside from home. I was amazed by how the sun keeps shining though the tree leaves keep blocking its sun rays from where I stood.

I can say, It’s like in real life. Despite all the odds, it’s still best to keep on shining like the sun in this picture.

How about you? Do you keep your sun shining?



Something Beautiful

When asked about something beautiful, what comes into your mind?
Well, for me, that would be the stars, the sunset and sunrise, snow (though I haven’t really seen one), fireflies, fireworks and babies’ smiles. These things are just irresistibly beautiful.
But when I asked one person this question, she just said one thing, the sunshine. I was surprised. I never even thought the sunshine as something beautiful. Maybe because it is too bright that it is blinding my sight to see its beauty. And when I asked her why? She replied “It is very beautiful because it makes us happy and bright. It gives us energy to be positive and to continue living day by day despite of the problems we encounter.”
Well, I understood her thoroughly. From now on, I’ll never see the sunshine in the same way as before.


5 things I learned from a Stranger

One day, I met a stranger, an old man with an awkward gait. He is 67 years old and has several bodily problems but they did not stop him from sharing life’s wisdom to me.
I met him within a week and from him, I learned 5 things about life.
Here are the following:

1. A blind eye does not stop you from seeing the beauty of things.
~That’s right. This old man’s right eye is blind. He lost his right sight 30 years ago when he had a car accident. He almost died and his frontal skull broke.
“I appreciated the beauty of things more than before.”

2. Playing the flute helps your breathing stabilize and helps you regain your voice.
~After the accident, he couldn’t utter a word. He could just make some sounds. The doctor was even telling him that he could not speak anymore. But he did not give up. He practiced playing the flute and even after 30 years, he continues doing it. Now, he can speak and even talks a lot.

3. Play the golf to exercise and make friends
~He plays the golf to exercise. Even if he can’t walk straight, he continues to play the golf because he can also meet and talk to many people. He is definitely outgoing.

4. You are never too old to learn something new.
~This is something I admire about him. His age is not a hindrance for him to learn new things. He studies new languages: Italian, Turkish and English and he even studies history! I was completely dumbfounded. I don’t even study. But I think, I’ll change my mind and study new things.

5. Your first impression about other people doesn’t last.
~The first time I saw this man, I was really asking myself “He is too old to study. Why is he here? I think he should just stay in his country and rest. I think he is just wasting his money and time.” But all of these things changed. I was so surprised that the way he look does not show in his action and personality. Inside, he is like a child; full of adventure, full of love in learning new things, full of dreams. He dreams of traveling the world, going to places and experiencing something new. It is really true that Youth is not a time of life but a state of mind. He showed it to me.

Next time, I must not judge a person by the way he or she looks. We may not know what this person has. Every person is special in every way. Not in the way he or she looks but just the way they are.

~Have a sip of life, Learn new things from strangers~