Promise Yourself Only the Best

Promise yourself to dream more and hesitate less.

To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others.

To appreciate your family and friends for the wonderful ways they make your life better.

Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special.

To become more independent and more willing to change.

To fill your life with special times,

and make your dreams come true.

– Deanne Beisser


Carry With You These Gifts of the Heart

Trust…that whatever happens, there is someone who will understand.

Honesty…the feeling that you never need to hold back.

Peace…in being accepted for who you really are.

Beauty…in outlook more than appearance.

Freedom…to be yourself, to change and to grow.

Joy…in everyday, in every memory and in your hopes for the future.

Love…to last a lifetime, and perhaps beyond. -D.L Riepl

I Need a Miracle

I need a miracle!

Think twice or thrice or a million times.

What miracle is it that you desire?

A sorcery I guess, to change what has been done.

A burning passion to reap what others have sown.


I need a miracle!

Why oh dear satisfaction has failed?

Everyday you live, a miracle is hidden.

Everyday in life, those miracles are forsaken

Out from your hands, thrown and beaten.


I need a miracle!

I need a miracle to see things in hand.

To see the miracles right before my eyes.

Because miracles? They are right in front of me.

Embracing me!Whispering!

“I am your miracle! Please don’t go blind.”







A Father’s Longing

It was night time when he sat on a chair

And whispered a name he couldn’t compare
A lovely name with the sound of heaven
Full of affection, takes away his despair

He had longed for her and wept in silence
19 years he suffered, waited but uncertain
But never lost his faith and prayed in heaven
That the creator would grant this prayer of longing

He is inlove ! Yes he is inlove!

With a girl with clear, dark eyes
and a smile so gentle
Tiny hands so soft, fingers so little

At long last, 5 months there is to wait
The girl she had dreamed for, he’d finally meet
He’d hold his tiny body, delicate and fragile
He’d embrace her with his heart,at long last she’d come

He’s inlove. Yes, he is inlove
With this girl, as bright as the sun.
He prayed for her with all his life
He’ll never let go and together they’ll walk this life hand in hand.