With a passion in writing stories and poems, Tea pot created this blog out from her simple imagination “If you write about something, you can make something happen.” Tea pot craves for adventure but she needs to crave more on food due to a declining weight thus she started this blog which was mainly a food blog. And now, this blog will focus not only on food but also on adventures, poems, stories and everything about life. She longs for something new. She is imaginative. She believes that everything in life happens through step by step action and never to rush something. She desires to spread her thoughts and experiences around the world.


~Let’s have a sip of life and a new beginning.

~Tea Pot



2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Tea Pot, wish you better appetite and good health. But I know a lot of us wish to have a slice of your sickness, for us to be slim too without doing any exercise. =) So stay happy and EAT like it is your JOB…


    1. Hi ninoalmendra. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I would love to share it with you guys too:) but I better share positive things, right? Thanks a lot. 🙂


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