Cebu Trick Art Museum

It was one sunny fine day when me and my friends decided to visit a museum. It’s not a historical museum though but a trick art museum. I personally enjoy art but I am not knowledgeable enough with the different artists. We enjoyed taking pictures in the museum. There were like 40 paintings and we took pictures with everything. It was fun and interesting. The paintings were painted in 3D so it looked like we were part of the paintings itself.

Here are the pictures we had.

I wanna dance with a ballerina and be a ballerina myself.
I wanna dance with a ballerina and be a ballerina myself.
The mirror. But the clock seems wrong.:)
We are butterflies! I would love to have butterfly wings and travel the world.
Say Cheese! Would it be nice to have a polar bear camera man?
The motorbike ride! Always be careful when driving.:)
So the legend is real. There are unicorns!
Yes! We are stealing money from a rich man’s vault.
Oh my God! We are gonna be swallowed alive here.
Hey there Kingkong. I never thought you would fall in love with a human.
Bulls eye! That’s what you call shooting!
Angels are for real. I am your guardian angel.
I can’t swim but I would love to be close with these creatures.
We carry the world on our shoulders. It’s quite heavy with billions of people on it.
This is traditional plowing. It’s definitely hard work.
A snake behind me.
It’s great honor to have a class with Einstein.
Your eyes are tricking you.
I’m trapped in a bubble!
Our public transportation! Jeepney!
Run for your lives!
These smart creatures surely know how to take pictures with cellphones.

We had plenty of pictures but I will just have to post only some. I love to go to museums and any museums would be interesting for me. Would you pay this museum a visit?

It is located in Jcenter mall, Mandaue City Cebu. It cost around 400 per person including the 4D ride which is not in the picture. I don’t know really but the 4D ride was not my piece of cake.

~Have a sip of life. TEAPOT


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