The Fault in My Stars

I had the chance to read this famous book since it was adapted as a movie. I haven’t seen the movie though. I thought reading the book first would be best. But, furthermore, I am still not planning to watch the movie because it might ruin my imagination of the characters. 

First and foremost, this book is really ME. 

“I fear oblivion. I know the earth is going to swallow us. And all our labor will turn to dust. And there will always be that day. That day when I will just be totally, FORGOTTEN”

Why am I thinking of these things when I am not suffering from any fatal illnesses unlike the characters in the book? I am just completely paranoid over the future. I worry too much about everything but not doing much effort in the present. I am doomed, literally doomed. 

When I read the book, the first few pages already sent some signals into my brain telling me that “this is not a romantic story.” It’s all about life. It’s all about ending. It’s all about oblivion. But what matters most is not bequeathing a legacy to many people but to the people who you care most.

Why worry about being forgotten by many people?It will happen anyway. It hurts to think that we will just be all victims of this universe. That’s right. We want the universe to see us, to know us, to give attention to us, when there are too many people in this world. There are too many people that the universe may not even know ME. 

I do have a lot of questions in mind but who am I to question the infinite? 

Who am I to question the universe?

My point is, no matter what I do in this physical world, I will be forgotten. But, for a few years, I want people to remember my name, that I was once a part in this world, in this place. 



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