My New Shoes

I bought a pair of shoes after some months. Well, I am actually not the kind of person who spends money on things. I am totally stingy with myself. But I don’t think I am mean. So, after 3 days of looking at an online shoe shop, I decided to buy one. It was my first time buying online so I was really sure that it won’t be a success. I just had a feeling it won’t turn out right. I got my shoes after 2 days and when I tried it on, it was big!
See. There is always something wrong every time I do something for the first time. And I admit, it was all my fault. 🙂
I just dislike shopping I think. Well, I’ll try to buy again next time. Maybe it would fit. 🙂


Lesson learned:
Do not rush on things.
Think about it 100 times.
Don’t shop if you don’t like.
Shop if you like. Everything is up to you.


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