My Fascination for Japan

It was 4 years ago when I received a guide book from a Japanese kid. She was the first I taught in an ESL school I had worked. And later on, I learned a lot of things about Japan and day by day, my fascination to the country and its people  grew bigger. I became hooked with almost everything in Japan.
There are many things that Japan offers but I have specific things that I personally admire. And here goes my list.



I admire the capsule hotels that are only used in this country.
Capsule hotels seem futuristic for me. I can remember the anime ‘Dragonball Z’ where the characters have capsules that can turn into a house. It is very interesting to have that kind of invention. Though this capsule hotel is not the same as the one in the anime, I still find it interesting to try. To claustrophobic people, this would not be a good idea.



Mangas are widely popular in my country and even to western countries. Though I don’t read Mangas much, I was addicted to animes which were adapted from these mangas. I find it interesting that Japanese people are able to preserve this culture of manga. It is definitely a hard work making and finishing one. Naruto and One Piece are just 2 of mostly read mangas and until now, readers are keeping themselves updated with it.



I have a collection of coins from all over the world. And I have all of the Japanese coins. One of it is the ‘go coin’ which is the 5 yen coin or the lucky coin. They said, if you have this coin, you will be lucky. Well, I’ll have to say I am lucky to have a complete set of Japanese coins.


The fireworks festival is celebrated during the summer festival which is every summer season. They said, several fireworks designs are presented every year. It lasts for about 2 hours and people are always amazed by it. I personally want to see these fireworks display and enjoy the whole night just watching them.


Lastly, I would love to see the cherryblossoms or sakura in Japanese. Since I learned a lot about Japan, I become fascinated mostly with cherry blossoms.
These cherryblossoms bloom only every spring which is from March to May and last for only 2 weeks. When they bloom, people gather under the shades while eating and drinking. Unfortunately, many of the Japanese have allergies to pollen and they have hay fever so they hate this season. Well, for me, I just wish to see these beautiful flowers and enjoy taking pictures of them. I hope to have a chance to do it.

So there goes my list of fascination for Japan and its culture. How about you? What do you love to see in Japan?




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