A Vivid Dream

I always believe that dreams have meanings. Every night, I dream of something, of someone of anything. Some dreams are pleasant and others just keep me wonder, until now. I am not quite certain if these dreams do have a connection in the future but I do believe that some of these are visions and signs of something in the future.

Since my uncle died, my cousins and aunt wanted to see him again even just in a dream. They want to talk to him and hug him or just to see his face. But, it was vague that they would dream about him. But, my mom dreamed about him. According to my mother, it was a dream as clear as reality. She was in tears when she woke up and she started sharing her dream.

August 6,2014

” I was inside the room with the baby. I was lying on the bed when someone opened the window and peeked. It was James. When I realized his figure, I immediately got up from bed and he revealed his self, smiling. I was surprised and I couldn’t explain what I felt. Then I asked him

” Manong, you are here! You are alive! What took you so long?”

I asked him and he just smiled

“Yes. I am alive. Please don’t make it known to other people otherwise, they will be surprised.”

Because of my happiness, I held his arms. They were warm like mine. He’s really alive.Then he asked me a question,

“Did Mana (my sister, his wife) processed the papers already? I’m just wondering.”

I couldn’t comprehend what he was talking about so I just said,

“I’m not sure about that Manong. Maybe we can call Mana. She will be very excited to see you. Oh my God. They will be very happy to see you. But, Manong, if you are alive, who’s that body we buried?”

He just smiled and did not answer my question. He started calling Mana but he couldn’t get through so I took the phone and contacted her. I was able to contact and to my delight, I blurted about Manong’s arrival.

” Mana, Manong is here. He is alive. He’s waiting for you all. Come here. He is waiting.”

In the other line, my sister was speechless and she just said, “OK ting. We will be there. Oh my God. He’s alive.”

When I hung up the phone, Manong smiled one last time and he went outside. I was shouting for his name but he didn’t look back. He headed to the street where a kind of chariot was waiting. It was full of white flowers. Inside the chariot was an old woman whom I’m not familiar with. Behind it was a man with shoulder length hair wearing a brown dress used by old monks before. A brown rope was tied around his waist. When Manong reached the chariot, he went inside it after the man. I was shouting so loud that I started to cry.

” Manong, don’t go. Mana and you children are coming. Manong!”

My voice was unheard by him. After that, he vanished together with the man, woman and the chariot full of white flowers. Then, I woke up.

I sat for a while on my bed and tried to recall everything. It was a very vivid dream and I know, it wasn’t just a dream. It was reality. After that, I realized that Manong’s face looked fresh and young. He looked exactly the same as his 20’s. His smile was full of happiness but I just noticed one thing on his right knee, he had a little wound. I didn’t know why. ”


I don’t know what will happen after death. I have a lot of questions in mind. But I do believe in one thing “We remain alive to people we dearly love. ”



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