You Made a Difference

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

It was my first time to have encountered death in a very painful and unexpected moment. I have experienced losing a grandmother, a cousin, a friend, and this time, it was my uncle whom my Malyn loves the most.

Since I was young, he was always there in the picture. I visited his house almost every time and I considered him a father. I could never imagine that in just 4 days, I would never ever see him again.

I have always asked this question in my mind: “Why do people fear death?” Well, as for me, I fear it because I don’t know what will happen next. Will people still remember me? or Will I just be a memory?” I don’t have any clue. All I know is, it will happen anytime, anywhere, whether I like it or not.

When my uncle died, I thought about many things. I thought of all the memories he had left with us, even his warm, soft voice. I remembered him talking with my father; they were best buddies. Then I thought about my father , how he must have been hurt from everything.

Within 9 days of mourning, I saw the people whom my uncles worked with, the people whom he inspired and the people whom he loved. And during the day of his burial, I witnessed how many people he had touched. He made a difference to many people. Many people were there to see him in his final moment.

It still feels like a dream until now. How can death be so cruel? How can it make people’s hearts numb?

I have several questions in my mind.I may have received the answers to these questions but I remained questioning life about these things. Though it was painful, it showed me the importance of family, friendship and love. I witnessed those things right in front of my eyes. And my life is never the same. 

To Pami: May you rest in peace. You will always be remembered. You made a difference. You did your purpose in this world. We love you. 


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