Nice to See You Again…Rosa

The last time I saw her was October of last year. I thought I won’t be seeing her again until 2 days ago…during my birthday celebration.

May 23,2014. My birthday is actually, May 24. Thanks to a very good friend, I had an early celebration. That time, I met Rosa once again. She was as tempting as always.

marinara rosa


And there she is. Yes. Rosa is a pasta. 🙂

Alla Marinara Rosa is a pasta which is very delicious with mix of sour and salt flavor. It uses a lot of real tomatoes. And the ingredient is composed of squid, fish, shrimp ,and other spices. It also has 2 pieces of bread. When I first tasted this pasta, I really said to myself that “This is the kind of pasta I like.” Most of my friends prefer carbonarra but for me, rosa which is a seafood pasta suits my taste.

The price per serving is Php 260.00 but it is good for one person and even too much for one. It is very satisfying and I would love to have another taste of it again.

If you are in Cebu and you want to eat this food, click here. I can say that the food is good, the staff are friendly and the ambience is quite relaxing. The name of the restaurant is Hola Espana. It is just across from the gate of Shangrilla -Hotel and Resort.

~You won’t get lost.

~Have a sip of life



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