Staying Positive Despite Being a Pessimist

“Easier said than done.” People easily say “be positive” “stay on the positive side” “be optimistic” “never give up”. These words are beautiful but they are never easy to do.Many people keep blinding other people that to never give up is the best thing to do in every situation. But some people are just natural born pessimist and no matter what you do to help them, they never survive, they never change. Why? because for them, the easiest thing to do during hard times, is to just give up.

Why am I talking about all this stuff when there are other important things to discuss? Because every person in this world is a quitter.They keep telling to themselves that they are never giving up but unknowingly they already are quitting in what they currently do. Why do people give up? Because it is safer, they are afraid to lose, they are lazy,they are satisfied of where they already are and they are like ships along the seaports looking at the horizon and can never leave home. They are a quitter.

And to no surprise, I am ONE of them.

For the past few years of my life, I dreamed of dreams that are beyond any person can imagine. I wrote a bucketlist but until now the list is still mostly untouched. I planned of several things that were cancelled due to procrastination. And I have told myself several times to be positive but losing my grip to it— because I am a natural born pessimist. I am a quitter.

But I accept all of these. I accept everything and I want CHANGE.


I accept that I am a pessimist but I am sick and tired of myself being one. Though I quit several times in many things, I will not stop changing myself to be positive and be the person I am supposed to be —- AN OPTIMIST.

In life, the easiest thing to do is to say something you want to do. But literally, nothing is easy. We have to work hard in everything. We have to work hard to be positive.

It is greatly overrated to say, “Let’s keep positive at all times.” so I would just say “Let’s change to be better than before and be the best for tomorrow.”      

I want to CHANGE. I mean it and I hope to keep it.





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