How to Relax: Keeping Yourself Away from the Internet and the Social Media

This is the 21st century and this year is never the same as 10 years ago. So much has changed and so many things have happened. Technologies and innovations are everywhere. And through these, our world is getting smaller yet WE are getting more and more personally disconnected to people around us.

We hold our phones, tablets, and other social devices to connect with the world and to be updated with what is happening but the downside is, we lose sight of what is near us.Many people can less appreciate personal attachment nowadays. We don’t have time to chat infront of friends, to read a book, to listen to music at night, to play with the dogs, to jog in the morning or go to gym, to RELAX. All we care about are tweets, posts, comments, likes and selfies. I am of course guilty of all these things, but one thing is for sure, I want to relax and stay away from all of these even just for a week. I want a week out from this voluntary slavery.

And so I did it. I deactivated my facebook, stayed away from my computer and my phone. I did it for almost a month and it felt GREAT. I appreciated my time more than before and I was able to do many things in a short period of time. I felt relaxed.

But the price? I wasn’t updated with what was happening in the cyberworld and with my friends in the social media and it didn’t do me good. So in no time, I had to go back to the world of social media and made my choice to be a slave again. It can’t be helped. In this generation, we need the internet and the social media despite their disadvantages toward us.

But If you want to really relax in this generation of social media, you have your choice to stay away or just keep up wit it. You can try and be relaxed for a short period of time.





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