Having TEA in Teapot’s Cabin

I was not a fan of tea not until I turned 22. I began to love tea and what’s best about it is its ODOR.

When I think of tea, I imagine the classic films and the nobles, the mountains and PARIS. I don’t really know why but drinking tea while overlooking the lighted Eiffel tower, that would be superb.

But because Paris is still a blurry dream for me, having a French tea inside my room would do it, I think.

My good friend who was once living in Paris gave me some French tea and I surely appreciated it.

the message in the plastic can really make a person’s day


A French tea Tisea


The tea bag is floating in this bloody rose tea. The smell is very sweet and soothing.


the broken cup
The frugal me keeps using this broken cup even when enjoying a cup of tea.


And while I am sipping my cup of tea, my mind is already bringing me on the top of the Eiffel tower.


~Have a sip of life, have a sip of tea



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