Visiting Riverstone Castle

Who would have thought that a castle lies in the south part of Cebu City?

I was also astonished knowing that there was a castle in Argao and because of my curiosity, me and my friends visited the place for sightseeing. And when we visited it, it was a castle far from what I have imagined.

It is called Riverstone Castle , a castle transformed into a resort. We just visited the place to take some pictures and we were really surprised how it looked abandoned even though it is already a resort. But I found it great because it looked so old and staying inside brings you back in time.

Here are our pictures of the place

The Entrance of the castle
The Entrance of the castle
Inside Riverstone castle
We are waiting for the guards to haunt us.
They really placed real crocodiles.
They really placed real crocodiles.
The dining area. It looks old but the electric fan ruined it.
posing in the garden
different view of the dining area
The drinking area. The electric fan ruined the old façade again.
The spiral tower to watch over enemies.
The coffee drinker. This sculpture looks amazing– for me.
I would prefer this kind.
I would prefer this kind.
a century old wooden rice mill
a bridge going to the accommodation


The castle seemed like a private spot but they required us to pay some entrance fee. It is very interesting yet scary.We toured the castle which has 4 floors and I was surprised to see some antique items.  On the highest portion of the castle, we saw rooms available for accommodations and a swimming pool. Though the place is far from the city and looked creepy, many people still wants to spend their vacation here. This place was built mainly with stones. It wasn’t that bad though but I prefer the place for sight seeing only. For those who loves the thrill and suspense, I recommend staying for a night or more.


map from Lapu-Lapu City to Riverstone Castle resort

From Lapu-Lapu City, this is how we made it to Riverstone castle.

  • Jeepney to South bus terminal
  • Bus to Argao
  • tricycle to Riverstone castle

The transportation time could take 3 hours because of traffic jam.

So if you plan to go somewhere different this weekend, you might want to visit Riverstone castle resort.


~Have a sip of life





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