Craving for Some Japanese Food

Curry for India, spring roll for Vietnam, kimchi for Korea, sinigang for the Philippines and sushi for Japan. Each country has unique cuisine that they can be proud of. And these show the importance of culture in a country.

So when I was invited for a Japanese cuisine, I couldn’t stop thinking about sushi and sashimi. Me and my friends headed to Nonki, a Japanese restaurant near my workplace. The restaurant offers sumptuous Japanese food from breakfast until dinner. We went there for dinner and their working hours in the afternoon starts at 5:30 pm.


map from Mactan to Nonki
map from Bigfoot Mactan to Nonki Japanese restaurant

When we arrived at the restaurant, we had our seats and grabbed the menu.

Inside Nonki restaurant
Sheira is carefully choosing what food to eat.
inside Nonki restaurant
Our Japanese friend and student, Miya Yuki.
inside Nonki restaurant
The ambience is relaxing.
Here is the menu in Japanese and English
Here is the menu in Japanese and English

It wasn’t my first time to dine in the restaurant so I can really tell that the food their is terrific. So here are the pictures of Japanese food that will fill up your sight.

You have the appetizer, a towel, a plate and chopsticks
You have the appetizer, a towel, a plate and chopsticks


The appetizer which is composed of beans and carrots but tastes like peanuts. It is very palatable.


a tea pot and a tea cup
Green tea


potato appetizer
Potato appetizer


sashimi special
Sashimi special with salmon, tuna, sea urchin and other fish


sushi special
Sushi special The red fish is tuna, the orange is salmon and the white is squid. The green color is wasabe which is a spice added to the sauce.


This is gali. It is a spice eaten together with the sushi but just eat a little because it has a strong taste.


california maki
Modern sushi. This is california maki. It is a modern sushi and has mango inside. Traditional sushi doesn’t have mango. I love this sushi.
california maki
California maki in a closer view. The orange color are fish eggs called roe. It pops when you eat them.


Japanese ramen. It has ramen, eggs beef and many more. You can have spicy noodles or not. But , I think their spicy noodle is not spicy at all.


So these are just some of the Japanese food that you can eat. They are quite palatable but it is not that cheap. For everything, it cost us almost Php 2,000 including the lemon juice and mango shake which are not included in the picture.

I can say that Japanese food has a unique taste that would define how broad their culture is. I hope someday, I can finally taste sushi and sashimi in Japan and see for myself if the sushi made here and in there are quite different in taste. But for now, I have to say, Japanese food can fill your stomach and your heart as well.


~have a sip of life

~crave for some Japanese food




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