Summer in Camotes Island

“Among the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, I encountered a paradise where heaven and earth meet.”

Welcome to Camotes island. It is an island located east from the mainland of Cebu. It is also a part of Cebu itself. If you want to relax and stay connected with nature, Camotes is surely one of the island you should visit. As I stepped on the lands of Camotes, I was fascinated by its fresh and clean environment.

It was in the year 2011 when I visited this place but until now, I can still remember the scent of the seas and the view of the clouds so near. It was the meeting of heaven and earth. How I wish I could stay there forever.

Here goes our itinerary:

We rented a jeepney going to Danao sea port. We didn’t book our ticket but we were able to buy the 5am schedule for php180. It took us 2 hours or more to reach the island.

It took us 1 hour or more to reach Danao seaport.
It took us 1 hour or more to reach Danao seaport.
friends at the seaport
My coworkers and friends posed at Danao seaport.


sunset in Camotes island
The breathtaking sunrise in Camotes Island.

Because we boarded at 5 am, I witnessed the breathtaking sunset of Camotes island. We then arrived in Camotes at almost 8am.


waters in Camotes island
The crystal blue water of Camotes.


the ride in Camotes
The ride to our hotel


Payag resort in Camotes island
Inside our hotel. It is good for 4 people with a very cheap price.


Jump shot with friends. I failed to do so.


Camotes island beach
Running along the shores. What an amazing view.


And we are in Baywalk.


The stalactites in Timobo cave in Camotes island.


Going down to have a swim. The water was very clear but the cave inside was very narrow.


Another spot is the Lake Danao Park




To sum up everything,

  • We stayed in Camotes for 2 days and 1 night.
  • We had a 180 ship ride for 2 hours at 5 am.
  • We stayed in Payag resort.
  • We had an excursion on the first day
  • The rest were just for relaxation

Here are the places we visited:

  • Baywalk
  • Timobo cave
  • Danao Lake Park

Camotes was not exciting but relaxing. If you want to relax and escape the rush and the pressure in the city, you can spend a 3 day 2 night stay in Camotes. You will be connected with nature with less worries. You can gaze at the stars and you will really feel that the sky is so near. It is not polluted and is really natural. It is very opposite to Boracay island which is very crowded with a lot of tourists and activities. Camotes is purely for relaxation and meditation. It will clear your mind and takes away all the pressure. So, I hope you can pay a visit to this wonderful island someday.

#Throwback time

~Have a sip of life

~enjoy Camotes island



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