My Bohol Experience

“Your life is not complete without visiting Bohol.” -as to say, among the 1,707 islands of the Philippines, Bohol is one of the most recommended island to visit whether for relaxation or adventure.

Bohol is an island just south from Cebu island. It is known for so many things; sightseeing places, beaches, tarseirs (a very small monkey with big eyes) and the chocolate hills.

Since I started working, I fortunately made it to different places in the Philippines (not that many though). And the first island I have visited for a vacation from work was Bohol island.

From Cebu, Bohol is only a 2 hour ship ride away. And from the sea port, you can immediately have your excursion while heading to your hotel.You can reserve ahead of time or you can buy your tickets in the seaport. But for less worries, it is recommended to book everything first. In my case, it was a company outing and we were around 20. A leader booked for the hotel and the tickets and we hired a van for our excursion around Bohol. It is best to travel with many because you can save more and it would be much fun.

We arrived at Bohol seaport. from left to right: Ian, me, Joniefer, Caress


With the beautiful chocolate hills behind us. from left to right: me, June Keith, Marie and Angel
We were climbing to the top of the hill to see the thousands of chocolate hills in bird’s eye-view.
We dined on Loboc’s floating restaurant. from left to right: Mommy Jessa, Grace,Angel, me, Caress and Ian.
I posed with Bohol’s famous tarseir. (It is very small you can hardly see it.)
We had fun walking on the hanging bridge.
We enjoyed posing with the beautiful sunset in Panglao behind us. -with Angel and Marie


To wrap up everything; our trip was a two day, one night trip. We stayed in Panglao beach at Dumaluan 2 resort. We had a 6 am ship ride from Cebu seaport. The ship ride was about 2 hours. When we arrived at Bohol seaport, we hopped in our rented van then we had our excursion.


For the first day, these were the places we visited:

  • Sagbayan Peak
  • Chocolate hills
  • tarsier sanctuary
  • Loboc Floating Restaurant
  • Hanging bridge
  • Bilar Man made forest
  • Blood compact
  • Baclayon church

For the second day:

  • Hinagdanan cave
  • Animal sanctuary

We visited Bohol 3 years ago so after this, many improvements were done to improve its tourism more. This year, you can have a taste of adventure at Danao Eco Park or go island hopping and dolphin watching in Pamilacan and Balicasag island or go scuba diving in Bohol’s crystal clear sea.

I can say that Bohol yet small is a very clean place. It is a very suitable place for relaxation and of course, adventure.

I bet most people have already visited Bohol or if not, wanting to visit the island.If so, have an exciting and satisfying trip.

Here’s a map of the different tourist spots in Bohol. click here


photos credit to: Marie Angelique VIllamor

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