The Meeting

“How will you confront your future and past self if you could travel through time?  ”

Inspired from a true story.

It was 10 o’clock in the year 1973. A boy took the train going to the city of Tokyo with his mother. He was about 6 years old; with a small frame, small for his age, clever, observant but still wore that innocent smile of a kid. He was craving for the sceneries outside the window. It was his first time to travel to the capital. His mother managed to take a nap on their chair while he couldn’t resist his desire to roam around the train. It was not crowded so he could walk and stare at strangers he passed by. Some strangers he found amusing but he continued looking at them.  There was this quite obese lady with short curly hair savouring her sumptuous meal.

“She is very healthy. “The boy whispered to his self.

Then he saw an old man in his 60’s holding a crane in his right hand while carrying a bento lunch box in his left hand.

“He looks very happy. Will I be like him?”

There was this beautiful lady in a red dress; her hair was as black as coal. She looked at him and smiled

“My mother said I can marry a girl like her.”

The boy continued to roam around the train trying to describe the passengers in a pleasing way.

But the kid suddenly felt a throb in his chest. He saw a man in his 40’s. He was wearing a black hat and was reading a newspaper. The boy sat in front of the guy, observing him. At his age, he felt like he knew this man but he kept his stance and continuously stared at him.

“He could be my father. I think he is a good guy.” The boy whispered.

The man recognized that the boy was staring at him. They both stared at each other. They were about to say something when suddenly the train came to a halt.

After forty years, the boy went back to Tokyo. He was already in his 40’s.  He took the train and still enjoyed this ride since he was 6. He was wearing his hat and sat comfortably on his chair. While he was on his chair, he reminisced the old times. He was nostalgic but continued to enjoy the view of the modern city. He observed the people on the train. He worked so much that he overlooked his family. He had been divorced for 5 years now. It was agonizing. While his sight was roaming the train, he saw a beautiful lady in a red dress.

“She could be in her 30’s. What a lovely face. But I can’t marry her. She’s perfect.”

He was tempted to introduce himself but he was hesitant and finally disregarded his plan. Since he had a divorce, he had low self-confidence in his self.

Then he saw an obese lady with short curly hair. He felt disgust by looking at her savouring her sumptuous meal of hamburger.

“She is very unhealthy. She eats like there is no tomorrow”.

He then saw an old man with his crane in his right hand and a bento lunch in his left hand.

“He doesn’t look happy. I hope I won’t be like him.”

He continued describing the people around him pointing all the negative things he saw. When he grew tired of watching at them, he turned to his newspaper and read it. But he felt a sudden throb in his chest and recognized that a pair of wide eyes was observing him. A boy of about 6 years old was staring at him. He was small for his age but looked very observant.

“This kid—

He was about to say something but he couldn’t find the right words. Then the train came to a halt. But the boy still looked at him and smiled.

“I hope you are my father. I think you are a very good man.” the boy touched his face, smiled and walked away from him. It was a very strange feeling. Then he remembered something 40 years ago.

He remembered the train, the people, and the man who was actually he. He remembered everything; all the positivity, the cheerfulness, the desire for life and the appetite for beautiful things.

“I met my future self and now, my past self. How did I become like this now?”

The man closed his eyes, wept, and smiled.

It was an impossible meeting and unbelievable but deep inside, he truly believed that he just travelled through time.

“How will you confront your future and past self if you could travel through time?  ”


Inspired from a true story.

Thanks Miya Yuki for sharing this.

Many thanks


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