The Darkness




Fears crossed the night
It was something in disguised
I hid and creeped under my bed
Where darkness engulfs my very soul.

I waited and waited, waited in vain
My mind went panicking “save me from here!”
Yet no one could hear
My voice came rumbling outside but it was silence in the night

I shut my voice and searched the light
“A tiny spark would do. A tiny light would do.”
But nothing, I was in despair.
I wept, my fears slowly fading.

My tears rolled through my cheeks.
It was a sign that I was weak.
But they kept rolling and flowing.
“How can I stop myself from crying?”

Tears dried. Throat numb. Body aching.
Outside my window, the sun is shining.
The darkness passed, the light is back.
I smiled, “Darkness never stays forever. Balance-I guess.”



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