Coffee: A Sign of Poverty

It can never be denied that coffee is becoming more and more popular these days. Everywhere you go, you can see different coffee shops bearing their brands and pride of their unique taste. For only 5 years, businessmen established several coffee shops in my town including Starbucks, Bo’s coffee and many more.

When people think of the word coffee, they would think it is RELAXING, quite true, I guess. The scent and taste of coffee makes you relaxed , much more the ambience of the coffee shops.

But for me, it reminds me of POVERTY.Why would it be poverty? One can only guess.

Long before coffee shops spurted like mushrooms in my town, coffee has always been a breakfast drink and not milk. In my province, people would prepare coffee, rice and vegetables on the dining table. Children drank coffee and not milk. And it’s even a black coffee because sugar was scarce.

I have lived in the province for a year. It was the time when we almost had nothing; no electricity, no proper bed to sleep, no meat in a meal, and only coffee with rice for breakfast or lunch or dinner.

Every time there was no viand on the table, we drank coffee instead. At the age of 11, I met coffee and never missed a single day without it. Coffee was a morning companion and sometimes even an evening buddy. But it was a different coffee. It was not made from coffee beans, instead, it was made from corn, roasted corn. I even helped my grandmother made it.

But it didn’t matter where it came from. Coffee became a sign of poverty for me. It opened my eyes to reality and never left my senses. Every time I drink and smell coffee, it reminds me of  poverty and scarcity of food until now. I know, I was not alone in that matter because several other children are drinking coffee and not eating the proper meal for breakfast, even TODAY.

If only children are fed properly.

If only they are given milk and not coffee.

If only they could play and not work to eat.

If only there is no poverty.

I can only IMAGINE.


~I hope there are no more children that will go hungry and drink coffee for breakfast.



4 thoughts on “Coffee: A Sign of Poverty

  1. Ernest Hemingway said it too! Coffee is a great drink for those people when they need to forget their hunger and poverty, but want to live more life and feel more love in this world. Great writing! Thanks for sharing!


    1. hello arbresenoctober:) True enough. I feel Ernest Hemingway’s words based on my experiences. Coffee roots down to poverty and hunger but it wakes up the people’s appetite for life. Thanks for reading:)


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