Filipino traditional snack: AMPAO (dried rice with sugar and lemon)

We Filipinos really love rice. Without a doubt, we are hooked with rice. And because of that, we made several snacks using RICE.
Ampao (the Vernacular name) is a traditional snack in our city. It is made of dried rice with melted sugar and lemon. It is crunchy, a little sweet and sour. It can be eaten as a finger food and it can be eaten every where you go. Just make sure your teeth are strong, or else, you might not appreciate it.:)

So these are the ingredients in making AMPAO.

1. Dried rice



2. Lemon



3. Brown sugar



4. Cooking oil


So you only need 4 ingredients in cooking AMPAO. Isn’t it easy?
When my mother started cooking, I observed her while she did it. I can’t cook so it’s pretty embarassing. But I am proud that my mother cooks well. 🙂
So these are the steps in making this snack.

1. You heat the oil in the frying pan. You have to heat 1/4 of cooking oil.

2.When it’s hot, you slowly fry the dried rice. It won’t take long when you fry the rice. Once you dip them in the oil, just seconds and you can get it.




3. When all the dried rice are fried, you melt the sugar like this:



4. Then you add the juice you get from the lemon. In our country, these small lemons are called kalamansi. How about in your country?

5. Then when the juice and the sugar are mixed, you add the fried rice then mix them.

6. After that, you can form them into different shapes. My mother preferred the circle shape. So this is how it looks.


This is the finished product. It tastes really good, crunchy, a little sweet, a little sour. It’s good in every snack time.
What do you think? I love these ampao. Lucky to have a good cook, my mother.

~Have a sip of life, have a bite of these crunchy, tasty ampao.



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