Because It’s Summer: Let’s have a halo-halo

It’s spring in other countries but in my country, it’s summer!
Have you ever heard of the word halo-halo? Maybe yes, maybe no. But in the Philippines, it is one of the most popular dessert in summer.
In our language, halo-halo means mixing; of different ingredients in a bowl. It is very famous in our country that you can eat it in fast foods and you can even make your own. Because it’s summer time and we wanted to have a little adventure, we went downtown and had the biggest halo-halo in town.:)


Now, I can feel the summer heat. Look at those ice cream, and ube sticks, chips and most especially, the ice. Aren’t they delicious?
When you say halo-halo, it is made up of mainly crushed ice, ice cream, chips, evaporated milk, jelly and you can add more ingredients if you like.


So when you mix them together, it will look like crushed ice with coloring. And you can see in the picture above. This halo-halo tastes really good. It soothes the mouth. It’s not very sweet but the other ingredients can add more flavor to it.


The above picture is the menu of the dessert shop. You can choose from different flavors just by looking at the menu. The name of the shop is Ice Giants and it is located in Cebu  City.


           Ice Giants with great friends.

What do you think of halo-halo?
You are always welcome to try it or make your own at home.

~Have a sip of life, have a great summer with halo-halo.



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