Fruit Carving: Show your creativity

April 4,2014 Friday
The school where I work had a fruit carving contest by team. We have 4 teams in the company, namely: blue (my team), red, green and yellow. And these teams compete to win the activities every month especially the consolidated wins which is the basis for the championship which is every December.
Anyway, “Let’s talk about creativity!”

So, we had fruit carving and every teams were given a watermelon, a small knife, a fork and toothpicks. We were given 30 minutes to carve our fruit. And we had to show our utmost creativity in the game.


And I also had my ideas prepared.



But at the end of the game, me and my teammates settled up with this design. 🙂


And, yes! the above picture was the result of my team’s creativity. Isn’t it great? For others, it may look like a ship but it is definitely a ship, a gallion ship.
The rest of the teams’ work were also great but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take picture of their works.
Here is the yellow team’s work which looks like a shark but at the same time,  a dinosaur. What do you think?


After the game, the result was announced.
The blue (my team!) was 4th, red team was 3rd, yellow team was 2nd, and green team was the first. Too bad, I can’t show here the pictures of their work. Anyway, all teams did a great job.

In this game (fruit carving), creativity, cooperation within the team and patience are really important to make a masterpiece. Winning was not the main goal here. The main goal was, TO EAT THE WATERMELON!:)
It was fun though.

~Have a sip of life, show your creativity and make your masterpiece~



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