Korean food: Orange for spicy

Korean food is getting more and more popular in my city. Several Korean food shops are everywhere but they offer the same thing: kimchi, noodles,samgyupsal (grilled pork with spicies and lettuce) and kimbap (rice,spicies rolled in kim or laver). But some Korean food are quite expensive so many Korean shops find a way to make their products cheaper.
In one Korean shop near my house, I found a meal set which is really affordable.


The above picture is a set meal: Chili noodles, rice and kimchi. It’s a set meal composed of too much carbohydrates (rice and noodles!) It costs around 80 pesos. The chili noodles and kimchi noodles they have are really spicy for me. As a tip, you have to prepare water beside you. I like spicy food but the Korean spices are way spicier than my standard. There are several other noodles they have so you can choose spicy noodle or not. But I tell you, their chicken and beef noodle are like ordinary noodles like instant noodles. There is nothing special about them.
They also have kimbap. If you eat a lot of kimbap, you will definitely become full.


We can actually make kimbap in our house as long as we have the following:
/Kim (laver, you can buy laver in supermarkets)
/Vegetables: sliced carrots,sliced cucumber
/sliced ham
/crab meat
/wood for rolling the kimbap (you can buy this in Japanese 88 shops because I saw one before)

For the noodles, you can use the following:
/spicy Korean paste (you can buy it in Korean shops
/ham (optional)

The most important thing about Korean food is the Korean orange paste. It is widely used in every food they have.
I hope you can make your own Korean food if you want to try.~

~Have a sip of life, have a taste of Korean food.



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