Tea Pot’s Breakfast

Having met a lot of people with different nationalities, I learned about their eating habits. For Asian people, rice is the most important part of a meal. They can eat any dish as long as there is rice; rice with sugar, rice with coffee, rice with chocolate!, rice with mango. Well, I think some of these meals are only for Filipinos or maybe, just for me. But for other people, like Europeans, they eat steak with rice; steak with potato, etc.
In my country, the Philippines, we can’t survive a day without having rice in every meal. Recently, many Filipinos are following the Western style which is bread, corn flakes, oatmeal for breakfast but as for me, I still prefer the traditional style (I think it’s hard to change this habit.)
I would like to show you my breakfast in a day to day basis. This may look ordinary for Asians but for some, it could be odd.


The above picture is my ordinary meal in a day to day basis. Usually, it’s coffee or chocolate, beefloaf and boiled egg and rice. For kids, it’s normally rice, egg (boiled or sunny side up) and milk or chocolate. It is very important to have rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whenever I substitute rice with bread, I don’t really feel full so I have to eat rice again.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so as much as possible, let’s take our breakfast everyday.:)

Always remember, “Eat breakfast like a KING, lunch like a PRINCE and dinner like a BEGGAR.

~Have a sip of life, have a wonderful breakfast everyday.

~Tea Pot


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