A Taste of Vietnamese Coffee

As time goes by, people are getting more and more addicted to coffee. Coffee shops are like mushrooms spurting everywhere. There are coffee shops in every corner of the city. They continue to grow like fast food chains. Nowadays, there are coffee shops for relaxing and studying; there are coffee shops for the whole family where children can be brought to play; there are coffee shops where you can put sticky notes on the wall and even write messages on the table. But for me, I will still stick to the traditional style, the cheapest style and that is sachet style.
Two weeks ago, I received a gift from Vietnam, and without a surprise, it was coffee. I got 3 boxes of coffee straight from Vietnam. Vietnam is quite famous for coffee especially the Civiet coffee which costs $30 per cup! It’s quite an expensive and tasty price.


These are the coffee I received. They have distinctive tastes.They still have messages on them. 🙂


This is G7. I think it’s a little strong for my taste but the more I drink it, the more it becomes tasty. It is stronger with just a cup of water but I use more water to lessen the coffee content.


This is Cafe Viet from Nescafe. It looks like the local coffee we have here. But this can be drunk with hot or cold water. It is not so sweet and not so bitter. It tastes good.

We have our choice of which coffee to drink. When I drink 3 cups of coffee, I experience headaches so I limit myself from drinking too much. A friendly reminder, too much coffee can be addictive and causes headaches~

~Have a sip of life, have a sip of Vietnamese coffee~


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