The Color of Food

I am not a sweet tooth. I don’t really crave for sweets and spices. I eat because it is a necessity. So, my taste buds slowly became insensitive to tastes. Now, they care a lot more on colors.
What’s the color of your tastes? Let me tell you mine.

Many people think that sweets are colorful like pink and rainbow color. They might also be brown because of chocolates. For me, sweets are deep brown. That’s right! They are the dark chocolates. Dark brown looks sweet to me.

Sour is somewhat yellow green. I always think of unripe mangoes whenever I see the word SOUR.

Of course, spicy would be red. The red chile pepper seems too spicy. Well recently, spicy goes with the orange color. It is somewhat connected to Korean foods. They use this orange paste which is really spicy.

I would say that salty is grey. Though salt is white, white color always represents milk and it is bland for me. So the the dirty white somewhat grey is salty for me.

When I think of bland, water comes in my mind. I don’t drink a lot of water though it’s really important. Bland taste would be pale blue. I like deep blue and pale blue looks bland to me.

Now what if the food is in black and white? What do you think is its taste?



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